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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

August 27, 2013

Dear Mom,

hahaha, I don't feel too skinny : P  I think I've gained about 12 pounds now.. my arms are starting to get a bit bigger which is nice : P  hahaha..

Transfers happen on September 19th,  yeah training is 2 transfers : P  

I'm so happy.  On saturday i was able to go to a baptism as well.  It was incredible,  I Love going...  It's so incredible thinking that the happiness that people feel at there baptisms is only the beginning.   it only gets better from there.

Thanks, yeah i need to start telling more stories... I have so many that I just can't express over email and letters, you'll have to wait till Skype on Christmas : P

YEAH I HEARD THAT!!!! WHEN"S QUADE GONNA GET HIS MISSION CALL?????   tell ben to email me!!  It's been so incredible getting weekly emails from SAm, Jacob, Al, and brenten,  I can never shake off the feeling of them labouring beside me out here in the mission field.

This past week has been absolutely incredible.   It started with last Monday.   After Pday we met a 15 year old girl who lives in our area, that was invited to church by her friends and has been attending since the end of June in her friend's ward.  She is a remarkable girl, she's the most sincere, receptive, and smart 15 year old I've ever met.. We taught her and the questions she asked were so sincere and the spirit was so present that Elder Crake and I were so humbled.. We met with her again on Thursday, and she asked questions about the temple and she told us how excited she was for the temple to be built in Winnipeg,  at the end of the Lesson I invited her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized on september 14th.     Yesterday she attended her friend's ward, and we found out that she takes 2 buses every sunday just to get to church.   then later last night she turned up at the Monthly mission fireside(which elder crake and I were asked to sing in again : ) ) and afterwards she came up to me and told me that her ward's youth temple trip was on the 14th.. so she asked if she could move it up to the 7th... I can't express the happiness I feel right now, knowing how sincere she is in making this step closer to jesus Christ.  It's absolutely awe-inspiring.  
The next incredible thing that happened last week was that Elder Crake and I went over to our favorite Family's home for the Last time... They are absolutely incredible, and the 2 kids that live with them still  told us that we were there favorite missionaries, we went over to their home for dinner at least 5 times in the last 2 months : P    Anyways,  he is an incredible man. We helped him pack up his house on Tuesday before he left and joined his family in Utah.   Before we left he told us that even if we didn't see anymore visible success on our missions that our missions were a success because we helped his family.   That really touched my heart. 
Later on in the week we met with another one of our investigators, from brazil,  He's currently working on his PHD, he's one of the most spiritually sensitive people I've ever met, and he has such an incredible desire and drive to learn more.  He's been meeting with missionaries for nearly a year now, but we only met him a couple weeks ago cause he was in florida for 2 months.   On saturday we retaught him the Restoration and the Plan of salvation.  The spirit in the room was so strong.  he told us how comfortable he felt as we shared personal experiences, that related to him perfectly.  At the end of the Lesson, Elder Crake committed him to working towards September the 14th as his baptismal date.   And he committed to working towards being baptized on that day. 
Then yesterday we had 5 of our investigators turn up to church.   It was incredible, we couldn't believe it... it was such a powerful meeting.. and on top of that, one of my favorite people in the world showed up to church!  He is a deaf man who hadn't been to church in 18 years before Elder Kenney and I met him during our first week in this area,  when we met him, he cried and he asked for a blessing.    He's had a hard life and not being able to communicate was such a huge trial for him.   Yesterday I did my best to interpret for him with my very limited sign language.  I scraped by and I felt so exhausted trying to keep up but afterwards he expressed gratitude greater than i've seen expressed with words.. He wrote a note to me and told me that he was here because of me.  He is such an incredible man and he's so patient, especially with me and my very broken ASL...  I feel so inadequate trying to explain things to him... but I pray that he recognized the love that was behind me feebly interpreting for him.  
It's people like this, and weeks like this, and experiences like this that make all the sad, hard and painful moments in my life melt away.   I know with all my heart that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.   I know that the things I teach people are true.   I love them so much that I wouldn't teach them otherwise.   I know that All our investigators will continue to see their lives change for the better as they continue taking these steps closer to CHrist.  

I miss you all so much.  I love you. 

 Elder Olguin

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