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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Alma 17:1-2
Here is the link to Alma 17:1-2 from The Book of Mormon Elder Olguin referred to in his September 29, 2013 email.

September 29, 2013

Two emails this week!

Dear Mom,
We have had such an incredible week!!!!   It has been full of hard work and miracles!! 
But today has been and will continue to be full of service so we have permission to have our PDAY tomorrow as well as let you know that we won't be emailing until tomorrow!!!  Elder Lott is the best!! 1 quick thing though!!!  SOme of the members suggested that I send a request to President to have an additional 30 minutes of study to learn sign language so after he came to church last week and he commented on how impressed he was with me interpreting throughout church I asked him, and he gave me permission!!!  as well as the permission to use the websites that interpreters in the ward have referred me to!!
ANyways,   Love you all can't wait to email tomorrow!!!

ELder Olguin,

Ps.   Mom, president thomas encourages us to go to churches and to become friends with the people there, it's been a great service opportunity as well as a testimonry builder for myself.  We have prayed and fasted to know how to become more involved in the communities and builkd relationships and this is where we have been lead. I'll Email tomorrow

Dear Mom,

the comouter ièm using is making these weird és instead of letting me add punctuation.... besides periods i guess... and commas...,

Anyways Ièm happy that I was able to get 2 emails from you this week : ) 

Yeah ASL is going so well.  I canèt believe how quickly ièm learning... on Sunday we had a Fireside and it was titled come unto christ and be healed.  We invited Brother Petty and I had to interpret the whole fireside for him.   the incredible thing is that he is such a testimony of how the spirit doesnèt come with words.   He can feel the spirit just as powerfully as anyone else even with me missing half of what is being said.  It is incredible. 

This past week has been incredible.  We have tracted for hours and hours and hours... and weève walked miles and miles and miles... and we have not found anyone to teach.. but we have been diligent, we have worked hard and we have seen miracles... the first miracle has been my asl and How iève been able to actually interpret for the most part.... but besides that we have seen so many other miracles...  One thing that happened last week was that we went to the Family history center on wednesday and we were able to do some indexing and we were able to do some family history work.. I donèt really know where to begin so I mostly just indexed, then afterwards we went and tracted and talked with everyone we saw for hours and hours all the way till dinner.. then we went and talked to people in the park, made some friends who taught us how to slackline walk : P then we went to our lesson,  we started talking to him about the gift of the Holy ghost and how it can help,  and then he stopped us.   He told us:Èhey guys... You havenèt brought it up today,.. but usually you always talk to me about baptism and such... well you didnèt talk about it today but I want to be baptised.  I had an answer to my prayers this week and I triple checked... but the answer remained the same.  the spirit told me that this is the right thing to do.  I have been asking so many questions but now I need to trust in the lord because I know Ièll find the answers as I take the steps towards him.È   It was such a surpris to Elder Lott and I...   We are so happy for Allan,  heès incredible, he came to church on sunday and heès just been such an example to me.

Anyways,  other than that we just spent tons of time tracting and street contacting : P  we went and saw Brother and Sister Petty Twice last week and it was wonderful : )  I really could spend the rest of my mission in this area..

I have to head out soon, but I want you to know that i love you.  This past week while I was reading Alma i came across Alma 17:1-2 and I thought of all of the friends I have in the mission field with me right now. I wrote them all down on the page.  (All the friends that I prepared to serve a mission with)  ELDER. J. Evans, Elder M.Johnson, Elder C. Winkler, Elder Z. Belanger, Elder B. Mcmullen, Elder S. Velazquez, Elder. D. Raju, Elder K. Reed, Elder A. Jules, Elder S. Lethaby.  So many of the young men I grew up with are out here right now, the lisit goes on, itès incredible...

Elder Olguin

Doctrine and Covenants Section 31

Here is a link to Doctrine and Coventants Section 31.  If anyone is interested in reading the first 5 verses Elder Olguin referred to in his September 22, 2013 email.

September 22, 2013

Here is the email from this week!  Elder Olguin can be reached by email or snail mail.  The day which he usually sends emails is Monday, and you can read his profile or past emails and see photos on his blogspot.


Snail Mail: Elder Cuauhtemoc Olguin Jr.
                  Canada Winnipeg Mission
                  845 Shaftesbury Blvd
                  Winnipeg, MB R3P 0M5


Dear Mom,

Elder Evans and I were talking about how it's crazy that we've already been out for 5 months...

I Definitely took seminary for granted till highschool.  I loved it my last year : P  but I definitely wish I'd really paid attention now.. 

I wish I could show you how good I'm getting at ASL...  Mom, it truly is a blessing... there's no way that I could be learning it this quickly if the Lord wasn't helping me. I'll talk more about it when I get into my weekly letter : P Elder B. Lyons was the greatest example to me back home and now he continues to be.  I'm able to talk with him often.. I cna't believe he's Going home at the end of October..  This is his last transfer... I'll have just hit 6 months..

I'm glad, I'm so happy that I was able to teach Llewellyn, we've been able to keep touch with her, and we're going to continue meeting with her.  I'm very excited for who or what the Lord has prepared for me next as I work hard and serve with all my heart might mind and strength.

This week has been wonderful.    We had transfers on Thursday and I met Elder Lott, who I am so excited to be serving with, he came out a transfer after me,  he is the biggest goofball I've ever met, he is hilarious.   He's definitely the most supportive, loving, and innocent person I've met : )  I could serve the rest of my mission with him.    After he got unpacked at the appartment and such I took him straight to go teach a Lesson with the pettys : P I was planning on surprising him and not telling him that they were deaf, but I was nice and let him know on the way over : P it was a wonderful lesson.  Pam is only hard of hearing, so she's able to interpret if I need, but I've been relying less and less on her interpreting.  We had a wonderful lesson and Elder Lott was kind of overwhelmed but afterwards he expressed his excitement and asked if I would start teaching him,  so we will be learning together now : ) Sunday was wonderful, They came to church and I spent a huge part of it interpreting for the pettys, It was the first time that most of the members saw me signing proficiently, and after church we were invited over for dinner with one of the interpreters in the ward (we have 2) I love it, the 2 interpreters in the ward suggested that I submit a request to president to have an extra half an hour of study for ASL each day, who knows if he'll approve of it but after elder's quorum where I played piano(yeah somehow I'm able to sight read most of the hymns now...) and I interpreted for Brother Petty, I was told by many that they hoped I don't transferred anytime soon : )  I love this ward so much, I am definitely hoping to be here for a long time, at least a year... : )

Elder Lott is fantastic, we have had so much fun already and we've still been out working hard. I feel so good everyday,  I feel like I'm exactly where I should be.    Elder Lott and I have a really good week ahead of us, tonight we've been asked to come over for dinner at a member's home and then have FHE with them, they asked us to give the lesson and they have 3 kids so they told us to be creative... so we thought up of something preeett wild... I'll report back to it next week... if it goes well... ; P

I feel like this is a very short email... Not much to talk about... I just feel really content, happy, and at peace.   Elder Lott and I are going to be doing our best to find people to teach and hopefully we find even more opportunities to use ASL,  we will be seeing the pettys on tuesday and thursday agian this week and meeting with one of our investigators on Wednesday and Friday.  I've really come to love being out here on a mission and I feel it a pleasure to serve and love the people here.  

Oh yeah that's what else I forget... Last week we were able to go and visit the Church of The rock which was a wonderful experience.  We went and talked with the volunteer coordinator asking about volunteer opportunities within the community and within their church.  At first she was a bit apprehensive, but as she talked with us more she became a lot more comfortable and we were able to explain how we strive to represent Jesus Christ and that we look for service anywhere.  It was a wonderful conversation and she told us that she will be calling us to help her out.  and she gave us many other places to volunteer so it was great : )

The atonement is real.   I've felt my pain, guilt, and sorrows melt away as I've turned to my savior.   I know that it is for all.   I've seen it change the lives of those around me.  I will never forget how it changed mine.  It is not possible for me to live without the atonement.

I showed brother petty pictures of my family yesterday and his eyes filled with tears,  maybe because he knows they mean the world to me, yet I'm out here for him..  You are why I'm here.  I know that all will be well. 

Take the time to read D and C section 31 the first 5 verses mean a lot to me as the Lord promises Thomas B. Marsh that his family will be blessed as he's on a misison.


Elder Olguin

September 15, 2013

Dear Mom, 

 Hahaha I haven't changed?? Hmmm, that's good... I love myself... ; P (Responding to a comment from his sister)

Just kidding, I'm staying in the PEG.   I love it here, I love the ward, I love the people I've come to know, I love that our appartment has free laundry, I love that I will be able to continue working with the Pettys and continue improving and refining my ASL (Mom, I Love the language so much.  I interpreted for Brother Petty all through church yesterday, it was so hard... but I managed : P president Thomas (President of the mission) was in our ward yesterday and he said he was very impressed and to keep it up.), I love that I won't have to wait for 6 weeks for letters(when/if I ever get transferred out of the city it would be nice if you put the dates on the outside of letters too so I can open them in order : P) and I love that we won't be crowded anymore : P    Elder Crake has been called to serve in Yorkton Saskatchewan and Elder Barton is going to Regina,  I will miss them, I love them dearly and we have had some unbelievably good times, but I'm excited to be taking on Elder Lott who is just coming out of training.  I've never Met him but I look forward to Loving and serving with him!
Hahahaha Who DOESN'T KNOW AL : P   hahaha my jaw dropped when I realized how beautiful Calgary is too, definitely took Calgary's Beauty or granted : P  I'm glad Elder Chronis is excited to be there : )    Brother and Sister Baronins had us over or supper last night and she is EXACTLY like you : P   She was talking about how she would send cookies and such to her son in africa until she found out that they took  months to get there....  Anyways, sister baronin's son just got married and headed off to universtiy and she was telling us about how she sent him a bunch of texts the first day, each becoming a bit more frantic than the last as she failed to get a reply.... And I just thought of my first day goin to highschool.... I got a text 5 minutes after leaving the house... and then more as the day went on.... we've had pretty hectic Pdays lately with the 3 of us needing to get things done so I haven't have a chance to sit down and write letters to you it sounds like it's exciting to be back in school : P   Tell kamila that I'm jealous that she's able to enjoy the cross country season with hills....  I miss hills... seriouslyy...  I feel like I'm top of the world when we're goin over a speed bump... tell her that she needs to stop slacking off and start running to seminary ; P  

It was so good to hear about the ward and the goals and focus that have been set.  Bishop sent me a letter last week, and I've studied it and I've been trying my best to apply the counsel.
This past week has been hard.  I'm not a perfect missionary, or person and I make mistakes.   But the mistakes I make help me as a missionary I've found.  Because as I encounter pain, guilt, shame, and sorrow I apply the atonement of Jesus Christ. And as I have that pain, guilt, shame, and sorrow taken away, I am reminded of why I'm here.   As much as this mission is a blessing to me, I'm here for others.  I'm here because I want others to be able to have their own pain, guilt, shame, and sorrow be taken away from them.   Anyone who truly experiences the atonement of Jesus Christ comes to know that it is not a painless experience.  We were able to talk to one sister this past week an see how she has been.    Her baptism was not an easy choice,  she experienced so much pain that day as her mother threatened to kick her out and accused her of choosing the church over her family.  Yet she experienced the sweetness  that was as exquisite as her pain that day.   She is doin wonderfully, she said that school is going really well, she said that she's been goin to early morning seminary and she loves it(starts at 6:15am...) and she said that she has been able to spend lots of time with her family this week.   She knew she was making he right choice, and now after the trial of her faith she is able to see and experience the blessings and miracles.    I'm so proud of her.    Yesterday was absolutely wonderful, Brother Petty came to church and I interpreted all through church.    It was soo hard but it was so worth it.  He didn't even need to sign for me to feel and know of his testimony.   But when he did it was so touching.     I interpreted a question for him, it was;"who are some great leaders and examples you've seen in your life?'  he didn't sign anything for a while then he told me that I was one.   I cried in Elder's Quorum.  He invited us over for Tuesday and thursday,  I feel like my learning of ASL has accelerated greatly because of my love for this man and his family. 
We have been teaching quite a bit lately it's been good, I feel a lot more confident just talking to people.   I love talking to people, no matter who you talk to, you can ALWAYS learn something new.  I promise.

I need a hair cut so badly...  
Anyways,  I have one of the best tie collections in the mission now.. just made another really good trade this past weekend.. 81 ties... something's wrong with me...  have 20 really really nice ties, 20 really nice ties, 20 nice ties, and then 21 ties that I'll probably start giving as ELDER O complimentary ties that i'lll give to people who trade with me...
DOn't really need to trade anymore though...
anyways,  I'm forgetting myself in the work, and I'm lovin it.


Elder Olguin