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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On the Road




"We were gona sleep out on the balcony one night..."

Pictures 2

Four Albertan boys together again, (Elder Kenny on Skype).

"Us taking a picture with some random Chinese people."

"Elder Crake can beat box while playing the harmonica...kinda..."

District Photo

A Child's Prayer - Elder Olguin and Elder Crake

Sorry, the video didn't convert off of facebook that great!  If you want to check out the original please click on the link.

August 18, 2013

Here is the email from this week.  Pretty short.  There are also some videos of Elder Olguin singing on Facebook under the Canada Winnipeg Mission 2012-2015 group.  And he also loves snail mail! Anyone leaving on a mission if you would like me to change your email address please let me know.  Also you can read his profile at and the blog that Auntie Elisa keeps updated at  (Sorry I haven't done a very good job updating the blog! <3 Elisa)

Elder Cuauhtemoc Olguin Jr.
Canada Winnipeg Mission845 Shaftesbury Blvd
Winnipeg, MB R3P 0M5

Dear Mom,
hahaha wow, kendall's gonna join us all out here soon, I'm so proud of him :)

This week has been incredible,   we have really been able to teach some really incredible lessons and 2 of our investigators came to church yesterday : )  The thing that impressed me the most was how the ward welcomed them.  Sister Moore is a tiny old lady who just recently got one of those motorized chairs, she came into sacrament meeting and bless her heart she took a good minute or so trying to maneouver the thing : P  But afterwards she talked to each of our investigators and she smiled and laughed and it was incredible watching her accept them so instantly,   She told them each that she looked forward to seeing them next week. 
Christine emailed me last week reminding me to keep running... i bet it didn't have anything to do with the fact that Kamila is a national champion!!!  But yeah, I need to start getting my cardio up... : P
So I forgot to tell you about my favorite family in the Ward.  Brother C served a mission in South Korea.  He is such a great man and he supported the missionaries so strongly, they have a son themselves who is serving a mission, so they have had us over for dinner 5 times since I've been in the ward : )  They are great and sister C after learning that unagi (Japanese for BBQ eel) is my favorite food went and barbequed some eel for me!!  They are fantastic, it's sad that tomorrow when we help him pack it will be the last time that we see him probably.  His kids and wife have already moved back to the states and he'll be joining them shortly.  
I love the people that I have met...

I miss you all so much,  I love you.  I am so humbled by the things that I miss about everyone..
Elder Olguin

August 11, 2013

Here is the email for this week.  It's heartbreaking to hear that people forget to be NICE to each other.  Elder Olguin's email address is for those who want to email him.  He also loves receiving mail:

Elder Cuauhtemoc Olguin Jr.
Canada Winnipeg Mission
845 Shaftesbury Blvd
Winnipeg, MB R3P 0M5

This week has been quite the growing week...  It has been incredibly humbling and I've turned to a lot of prayer and Fasting this week...  I know that it's impossible to do missionary work without relying on the Lord.
 This week was filled with lots of rejection and a lot of dissapointment, but I know that the hard weeks only make the good weeks all the better.  I'm so grateful for the time that I have to be out here.  There's Hard weeks in a mission and then there's harder weeks.  

 It's been interesting, we live in the richest area of WInnipeg and we get fed pretty often and we have a car... and I still haven't gained as much as I'm sure everyone was expecting, ; P  IN my last area we went to sleep with sirens and gun shots every night, we called it our north end lullaby, we witnessed gang beatings and one of the zone leader's investigators got stabbed in the neck...  This area's a lot nicer, and the Blue bombers offensive coordinator even lives in our area!  We still covered a part of downtown until last week, which was nice, we were able to talk to so many people..    Today a guy wearing a clown nose jumped in frotn of our car and tried to wash our car.... We talked to another guy a while ago who said the crazy percentage in winnipeg fluctuates, usaully the winter kills them off he says and it goes to about 10% but in the summer about 50% of the people are crazy...

Yeah there's more religions in winnipeg than I could ever have imagined, including the super crazy ones... there's a religion known as the 12th tribe... they believe in sharing everyting...EVERYTHING.... from money and clothes.... to wives and such... They have this newsletter that goes out to the members and it has pics of all these different religious people including mormon missionaries with devil and evil faces... THen there's all these religions that quote this same poem over to us about how mormons believe that through strict obedience and other stuff we hope to prove worthy to become Gods... It's weird....
Winnipeg is a confusing city.... The streets are all "named" streets and they're not organized at all... there's no numbered avenues... there's no sub community names, like Arbour lake, ranchlands, silver springs, etc...
The streets are super narrow... the signs are small...  I'm finally used to it now.. but it was super confusing at the beginning... I am begginning to really love winnipeg though,  I miss the mountains a lot though... I've never seen such falt fields in my life...

I have begun to really feel the sincere desire to help the people in this area..  I have seen lives change as we've taught people the things that have changed my life.

THere's so many people who just want to tear you apart out here, and it all comes down to what my foundation is.  My foundation truly is m faith in Jesus Christ.  I don't believe in the Book of mormon because I believe in "mormonism"  I believe in the Book of Mormon because it has brought me to the Knowledge that Jesus Christ is My savior and Redeemer.  I believe in "Mormonism"  Because I believe in Jesus Christ.   I Am not a "Mormon misisonary"  I am a representative of Jesus Christ. 

Someone once asked me after they saw that my Name tag has Jesus Christ's name on it; "So what does Jesus have to say to me today"  and I replied "come follow me"   The invitation is open to all, and it is truly the invitation, I extend.  COme unto Christ.  

The new transfers arrived on thursday,  We have two new Missionaries in our ward,  and One of them is sister becca Crawford from Calgary alberta!  She's in the North Stake and I knew her!  She's great and I know that she will find success just because of how sincere she is and how she is herself.  We always get painted as a target behind our nametags but we are human, and when we approach people as humans who truly want to help people we find success rather than missionaries who are robotic and just looking to share a message that we have been taught.  WE ARE HUMAN and we are here to help people through teaching them a message that hasn't been taught to us but that we have learned for ourselves.   EAch of us missionaries has been blessed with different personalities, different talents, different tendencies, different habits, and different backgrounds for a REASON.  We have a responsibility to stay true to who we are.  Everyone says a mission will change you.  ANd it has and will, but I know more than ever who I am.  I'm still the person I was back at home, I just am applying myself in different ways now : P

I miss you all.   I love the pictures you have sent and I love hearing about everything going on.  I love you and Miss you all.


ELder Olguin

August 6, 2013

Dear MOm,

I'm glad you figured out that we couldn't email yesterday.

THis week has been so incredibly hard, but it has been incredible to witness the miracles that we have been blessed with.  Elder Crake and I have gotten into the culture of talking to everyone. and Not only
talking to them but talking to them with our purpose in mind.  With that true desire to help them and teach them. We ended up talking to a guy that we met and he turned out to be partially deaf and mute.  I don't know how but I was able to converse with him and testify to him through my very little ASL and I was able
to invite him to have us come and teach him our message that is centered on Jesus Christ.  WE also found another Lady who has had an incredibly hard life.  it hurt just hearing the things that she has
been through.  We were able to testify to her that Her life can change, and that All the pain and sorrow and guilt she feels right now can be taken away through the atonement of Jesus Christ.  I promised her that if she would accept our help in coming closer to Jesus CHrist that she would learn that she is meant to be happy in this life.  I could barely hold back tears of my own as tears streaked down her own face.   I know that this church is true.  Talking to EVERYONE has led to many different responses.  We get yelled at, sworn at, bashed, questioned, but on the other hand. people ask us to pray with them on sidewalks, people talk and laugh with(or at, or maybe both...) us, people invite us to come teach them more.   In every instance I have
come to the conclusion that it is impossible to decide at the moment I talk to someone what I believe in or who I am.  A couple weeks ago I decided that I will never again waver in my beliefs and in what I know
to be true.  And because of that I have come to recognize the importance of the HOly GHost in my life.   No one can take away what I know to be true.  Because I have had that witness of the HOly Ghost.
I know exactly who I am, and What I want in this life because I know that jesus Christ is my savior and my redeemer.

I can't believe that 20 new missionaries will be arriving tomorrow, it's so exciting.   Elder Crake and I recieved our transfer calls on friday : P  we are staying together, president said that he has seen noticeable growth in both of us and we are leading the Zone in key indicators and he wants that to continue.   Personally I think that ELder Crake and I are just the toughest people to get along with so he just stuck us together l ; )))

Thank you for the letters each week.  And the pictures.   I can't believe how beautiful Izumi is and how beautiful all the girls are and how Kenji is luckily starting to look like me ; )

I miss you all so much.  ANd I am so blessed to have you all to miss.

I am so humbled by the blessing it is to be out here teaching people about the Joy and happiness that I have
found in my life.  It truly is a blessing so much more than the sacrifice it seems like at times.


Elder Olguin

July 29, 2013

Here is the email for this week. Anyone leaving on their missions please send me your ldsmail so I can change your email address.  Thanks!

Dear Mom, 

I can't believe he'll (Al) be entering the MTC just as I complete my Training out here!  I can't wait for us to all be out here! Tell him (Al) to start emailing me on his myldsmail account!

(They had a fireside, which is a special meeting, on Sunday night about families)

The fireside was wonderful! I think that president Thomas took a couple videos of some of the numbers and he might put them on facebook hopefully!  Not only did I play my guitar arrangement of Love one another but I sang a duet with elder Crake(a child's prayer) and I sang in a double quartet (love at home)
It was amazing, the turn out was incredible and it was  so powerful,  I was asked to bear my testimony about being sealed in the temple when I was 8 or nine... I went up and said" When I was 8 or 9 i was able to go to the Cardston alberta temople and I was sealed to my family for eternity... sometimes I'm not sure if that's a good thing ; P
I love my family more than anything and knowing that I have forver gives me great comfort and peace. The temple is the best place in the world, and I know that through it I will be with my family whom I love dearly forever. "
They did use the picture (of our family), everyone said I look so much older now.. I think it's just my maturity ; ) 
Just kidding : P
This past weeek has been incredible,  ELder crake and I often stand off and disagree but I love it because we air everything, and because of that I have come to a knowledge of what I truly belive in and stand for.  Also because we air everything, we are able to have amazing times after we put our differences aside!  We looked around at Zone conference and we realized that we have the best companionship in the mission!
We played basketball with a pro basketball player, I can't remember his last name but his first name is kevin... He was incredible, he coached me a bit and it would surprise you how not bad I am getting at it  : P

We found out last week that the missionary dress code has changed a bit,  check it out on
we are now allowed to wear light grey suits and khakis!
So last week at value village We saw this amazing light grey suit.. striped.. it called my name... It fit like a glove... It was only 25 dollars... So if you see pictures of zone conference and Are wondering how I afforded such an amazing suit don't be alarmed : )

I love being here, I hav learned so much.

This family in the ward, The father is the Winnipeg Blue bombers offensive cooridinattor and their son is serving in ST. louis, they had us over for dinner one last time because they're moving back to Utah for the school year.  They asked what my favorite food was and I said Unagi.... and Their kids were all exclaiming how disgusting that is and sister crowton couldn't believe that I actually eat that.. so they asked what we would like for dinner and we replied surprise us... and They sure did... First barbequed eel that I've had on my mission!  Just kidding we ate at this ridiculously good all you can eat sushi place for 14.95 a month ago : P
But we sure were surprised!! Their kids only ate a bit, sister crowton ended up really liking it, my companion wouldn't touch it and Brother crowton served a mission in Korea it was like cheescake to him ; P

It's been a good week,  I finally wrote to a bunch of people today,  Including you and the girls and kenji, and Grandma and Grandpa, and Justin, and I forgot to write thank you to hanna K.  so could you do that? it was a lovely picture that she drew. I also wrote to the wests and the Evans, and some friends : ) I really miss you all.   


Elder Olguin

July 22, 2013

Dear Mom,

I can't believe al will be getting into the MTC right after I complete my 2nd transfer!

I'm not allowed on facebook yet, but There's rumours that we're getting Ipads suuuuper soon.  Like this week at Zone conference possibly...  

This week has been super tough.. Like you Elder Crake doesn't want me to have any regrets so he pushes me hard.  I've been learning how to be a lot more confident in who I am and What I say and do.   We participated in the Winnipeg harvest last week and it took a lot of our time so we weren't able to teach as many people as we would've liked to last week but we were able to meet lots of people that we plan on teaching this week.  We met someone who loves music, we taught him the restoration on his door step and we're going back later this week.  We;re teaching a Chinese family tonight and we're teaching a jamaican family on thursday, and we're teaching this guy tomorrow, and we're teaching another investigator on saturday and we're teaching this wonderful hyperactive native family on wednesday hopefully : P

It's going to be such a hectic week... When we're not teaching, we're looking for people to teach : P  Wether that's talking to people on the streets or asking anyone we talk to if they know anypone who would be interested in hearing about the message we share, or playing hymns on guitar in parks, or playing sports and making friends, we don't tract too much but we knock the odd door everyonce in a while : P

Last night we had dinner at a member family's home it was incredible, they had at least 50 people there, including a recent convert.  We played guitar, sang and I bumped into The Ericksons!  Who were in our ward in Calgary 5 years ago!  They live in saskatoon now!  Also I'm in Ben Barfusses uncle's and Aunt's ward : P  Jessica smith is Vicki Barfuss's sister! They look really identical.

Also yesterday we taught the youth in sunday school.   We taught them to feed the missionaries ; )))

They have a really small youth group.  I'm so grateful for the ward's in calgary, there was about 7 youth and 3 of them were \visiting.   I know that young men's was the best possible place for me to be through my teenage years, Jacob, Al, Quade, kendall, Robbie, Dravyn, Ben, Carter, Nathan, and so many more.. the list could go on forever, they'll be my friends for Life.  I will never forget the times we had, and the fun that we had, and the havoc we wreaked.
I can't believe how much I took for granted back home.

Next sunday we have a musical fireside that Elder Crake and I both are in, I even put together a guitar piece of love one another to play in it. The theme of the fireside Is families, we've been inviting everyone to come and to bring their families.  I miss you all so much.

Tell my friends to quit being butts and email me... Especially Josie and Kyle.. and Al.

Check out the new missionary dress standards on !


Elder Olguin

July 15, 2013

This past week has been crazy!!! On friday we became a Tri Pan(Three in a companionship) with Elder Crake.  It's tough out here.  It's so hard somedays, I feel like Jeremiah in Chapter 1 verse 5 pretty often.. I just feel so inadequate and it's so tough being one of the youngest missionaries out.  But in the next verses it calms and humbles me.   I know that I'm here for a reason, and Elder Crake was such an answer to my prayers.  I've known Elder Crake from the beginning of my mission.  He's From newcastle england and he his the most passionate human being you will ever find.  I Love him, he is incredible.   He is the best person in the World. 
President Thomas finally let us know what he's decided to do about the 3 of us.  Elder Crake and I will be staying in the Waverly ward covering 2 areas and Elder Kenney is opening an area with one of the assistants called Flin flon.  IT's incredible.  I've been out for less than 2 months and I'm on my 3rd companion. 
Last week was so incredible, we were invited over to dinner on saturday Night and we met this  wonderful Jamaican family who we were able to teach.  At the end of it, they told us about how we were an answer to their pryers and that we were a confirmation to them being here in Canada. 
We were able to teach a lot last week, but as usal my favorite was the deaf couple.  It amazes me how sign language feels so natural to me. I'm still not that great but I love learning it. 
So you know how last week I was at 17 ties or so?... well... I'm at 50 now... Yeah I'm not entirely sure how that happened, but I still have really nice ties... Elder Crake says it's cause I'm so sincere all the time including when I'm tie trading.. : P 
I'm starting to drift away from wanting to become a medical technician and I'm seriously considering going into business and running a suit store.. but you never know... I thought I was pretty sure about paramedic...
But Everyday I learn more about who I am and What I want. 

People sometimes wonder why bad things happen, or Why GOd allows bad things to happen.. I was reading in John last week and I came across the story of a blind man, who one of the apostles asked if he was a sinner or if his parents were sinners, Jesus Christ said neither, the man was blind so that Jesus Christ could manifest his power.   IT's the same in our lives.  We may not understnad why bad things happen, but they do happen for a reason and in the end it will be as a manifestation of God's Power.  ELder Crake's Father Passed away when he was a young kid,  but his testimony is the most powerful witness and Manifestation of God's power that I've ever witnessed.  He truly is a testament of this Gospel.

Remember the Words "Draw near to me, and I will draw near unto you"  We are never alone.

This week will hopefully be less hectic,  and I'll hopefully be able to send pictures next week : P

I serve my heart out here because I know that my family will be blessed as I strive to bring blessings to the families I teach here. 


Elder Olguin

Ps. check out now.  the "how i live my religion still hasn't been changed but it's getting there hopefully  : P
and Tell everyone sorry if I don't reply I seriously just focus on getting emails out to President

Oh yeah, There's pictures of me on the Canada Winnipeg mission Facebook page so You can check those out on Facebook!