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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

May 14, 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

I have had such an incredible week!  This past sunday I heard one of the greatest things I've ever heard about a mission: "If your mission isn't hard, Then you're doing it wrong"
It is hard and I can only imagine how hard it'll be tomorrow as I'll be leaving for Winnipeg tomorrow and getting right into the Work.   But stragnely enough, I'm more excited about entering the mission field than i've ever been in my life!! I'm so excited to love and serve the People in the Canada Winnipeg Mission.
Some of the people have been here for 6-12 weeks but the Elders in my district and I tell everyone welcome to the MTC and they yell at us about how they've been here for 6 weeks or so and we just tell them we've been here for a long time too... Almost 2 weeks.. : P
we also pretend to speak french or spanish. 
The 3 canadians and I convince americans that we call "packing": "Luggaging" and that we call donuts: "dessert bagels"
It sure has been a slice here at the MTC,  The Teachers are incredible and the spirit is strong. 
I love you all, Write to me in winnipeg or just email me as that'll probably be 10 times faster!

Love Elder Olguin

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