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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

May 27, 2013

Dear everyone,

Sorry about the short email last week : P

These past 2 weeks have been absolutely incredibnle. not because everything's been going nicely, but because I've grown so much in who I am.  As I said last week, there's so many Phillipinos!!! They are the funnest and funniest people ever!!! they all remind me f my grandpa; short, asian looking, love karaoke, kind of eccentric, and able to find a joke anywhere. we played volleyball with a bunch of them last Preparation day and they kicked our butts... they're ridiculously good... Later that day we were invited to a Phillipino potluck, fed some more crazy things and had a good time getting to know the phillipino members of the church here. 
Besides that our week has ben tough.. My purpose here as a missionary is to invite others to come unto Christ.  we accomplish that by loving, serving, teaching, and inviting everyone everybody we meet.  I love talking with everyone we see even despite some of the not so pleasant responses we get : P I love sharing the message that has brought so much peace, happiness, and love to my life. we've started working with the youth in the area and started planning activites for members to enjoy and bring their friends to like sports nights, movie nights, talent shows, and also an english class that we'll be teaching. I've made so many friends here and grown to love. One person is bipolar, has minor cerebral palsy, is epileptic, and is one of the most sincere souls I've ever met.  He loves to talk and he has incredible faith.  He loves having my companion and I over and he has such an amazing, penitent heart.

Yesterday was also incredible.  at church, they surpised me by announcing that i was giving a talk : P I'd heard that I might introduce my self... but a talk definitely wasn't planned : P
BUt I survived.  Church was definitely eventful....
anywas after church we had a dinner appointment with this older couple. the wife comes to church and loves it and  the husband not so much but he loves meeting with the missionaries and he's such a swell guy.
All new missionaries are called "greenies" so they have a tradition of feeding the new missionaries a meal that is completely green... I'll try to attach some pictures : P
We had a wonderful visit with them and we invited the husband back to church after sharing a message with him, with tears in his eyes he accepted our invitation.

This morning, we played rugby with some of the missionaries in winnipeg, our team was called "The Green Knees"
I loved it, and afterwards I was challenged to a race cause I'm speedy or something ; P
It was so much fun, they were fast... but not fast enough : )

BTW to expound on "balut" It's like a hard boiled egg until the arms or wings I guess... and legs pop out of the sac in center, Brother Dimalaluan said; "wait till you try one day old chick" : P

FOr those of you who would like to learn more about what I believe in, who I am, and what has driven me to spend 2 years completely devoted to bringing happiness and peace to others, check out I'm Even on the site!!!!! Look me UP:  Cuauhti Olguin

I miss you and I love you, I sometimes don't have enough time to reply to all your wonderful emails and responses so if you want me to definitely reply, write to me at:

Canada Winnipeg Mission
Elder Cuauhtemoc Olguin Jr.
845 Shaftesbury Boulevard
Winnipeg Manitoba

Sometimes it might take a while to get back cause I might be living up to 14 hours away from this adress at times but this will be the most sure way to get mail to me!!!


ELder Olguin

LOL(lots of love)

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