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Friday, July 12, 2013


Jacob pointing to Uruguay and Cuauhti pointing to Winnipeg.
Katie Ann Zemp from our old ward.  She used to drive him to early morning
band from seminary every week.  He was her zone leader in the MTC.

"My Missionary Desk"

The four Elders from Alberta.
Not sure of the order, Elder Miller (Cardston),
Elder Kenny (Lethbridge), Elder Dola (Medicine Hat)
The missionary to his right is Ty Moeller.
They took the plane together and he is from our stake.
They used to live down the street from us
With his MTC companion
Elder Wells from Alaska

"Sassy selfy in front of the temple"

"Playing hockey at the ward Canada Breakfast"
"He took some selfies on my camera"
"Wayne - he will be baptized
at the end of the month"
"This is Jose my new black friend because
Al doesn't reply to my emails
and he never emails me."

"My greeny meal from my first week"

"I told Kenji I would send a picture"

"Yup...40 degrees celsius..."

"Oh yeah, I bought a cheap 3/4 guitar, I've been getting it signed by people I meet :) "

"Candid selfy..."
I'm not sure if it's possible to take a "candid selfy" - Mika
"Singing in the car"

"My new district all colour coordinated"

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