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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 6, 2013

Dear MOm,

I'm glad you figured out that we couldn't email yesterday.

THis week has been so incredibly hard, but it has been incredible to witness the miracles that we have been blessed with.  Elder Crake and I have gotten into the culture of talking to everyone. and Not only
talking to them but talking to them with our purpose in mind.  With that true desire to help them and teach them. We ended up talking to a guy that we met and he turned out to be partially deaf and mute.  I don't know how but I was able to converse with him and testify to him through my very little ASL and I was able
to invite him to have us come and teach him our message that is centered on Jesus Christ.  WE also found another Lady who has had an incredibly hard life.  it hurt just hearing the things that she has
been through.  We were able to testify to her that Her life can change, and that All the pain and sorrow and guilt she feels right now can be taken away through the atonement of Jesus Christ.  I promised her that if she would accept our help in coming closer to Jesus CHrist that she would learn that she is meant to be happy in this life.  I could barely hold back tears of my own as tears streaked down her own face.   I know that this church is true.  Talking to EVERYONE has led to many different responses.  We get yelled at, sworn at, bashed, questioned, but on the other hand. people ask us to pray with them on sidewalks, people talk and laugh with(or at, or maybe both...) us, people invite us to come teach them more.   In every instance I have
come to the conclusion that it is impossible to decide at the moment I talk to someone what I believe in or who I am.  A couple weeks ago I decided that I will never again waver in my beliefs and in what I know
to be true.  And because of that I have come to recognize the importance of the HOly GHost in my life.   No one can take away what I know to be true.  Because I have had that witness of the HOly Ghost.
I know exactly who I am, and What I want in this life because I know that jesus Christ is my savior and my redeemer.

I can't believe that 20 new missionaries will be arriving tomorrow, it's so exciting.   Elder Crake and I recieved our transfer calls on friday : P  we are staying together, president said that he has seen noticeable growth in both of us and we are leading the Zone in key indicators and he wants that to continue.   Personally I think that ELder Crake and I are just the toughest people to get along with so he just stuck us together l ; )))

Thank you for the letters each week.  And the pictures.   I can't believe how beautiful Izumi is and how beautiful all the girls are and how Kenji is luckily starting to look like me ; )

I miss you all so much.  ANd I am so blessed to have you all to miss.

I am so humbled by the blessing it is to be out here teaching people about the Joy and happiness that I have
found in my life.  It truly is a blessing so much more than the sacrifice it seems like at times.


Elder Olguin

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