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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

July 29, 2013

Here is the email for this week. Anyone leaving on their missions please send me your ldsmail so I can change your email address.  Thanks!

Dear Mom, 

I can't believe he'll (Al) be entering the MTC just as I complete my Training out here!  I can't wait for us to all be out here! Tell him (Al) to start emailing me on his myldsmail account!

(They had a fireside, which is a special meeting, on Sunday night about families)

The fireside was wonderful! I think that president Thomas took a couple videos of some of the numbers and he might put them on facebook hopefully!  Not only did I play my guitar arrangement of Love one another but I sang a duet with elder Crake(a child's prayer) and I sang in a double quartet (love at home)
It was amazing, the turn out was incredible and it was  so powerful,  I was asked to bear my testimony about being sealed in the temple when I was 8 or nine... I went up and said" When I was 8 or 9 i was able to go to the Cardston alberta temople and I was sealed to my family for eternity... sometimes I'm not sure if that's a good thing ; P
I love my family more than anything and knowing that I have forver gives me great comfort and peace. The temple is the best place in the world, and I know that through it I will be with my family whom I love dearly forever. "
They did use the picture (of our family), everyone said I look so much older now.. I think it's just my maturity ; ) 
Just kidding : P
This past weeek has been incredible,  ELder crake and I often stand off and disagree but I love it because we air everything, and because of that I have come to a knowledge of what I truly belive in and stand for.  Also because we air everything, we are able to have amazing times after we put our differences aside!  We looked around at Zone conference and we realized that we have the best companionship in the mission!
We played basketball with a pro basketball player, I can't remember his last name but his first name is kevin... He was incredible, he coached me a bit and it would surprise you how not bad I am getting at it  : P

We found out last week that the missionary dress code has changed a bit,  check it out on
we are now allowed to wear light grey suits and khakis!
So last week at value village We saw this amazing light grey suit.. striped.. it called my name... It fit like a glove... It was only 25 dollars... So if you see pictures of zone conference and Are wondering how I afforded such an amazing suit don't be alarmed : )

I love being here, I hav learned so much.

This family in the ward, The father is the Winnipeg Blue bombers offensive cooridinattor and their son is serving in ST. louis, they had us over for dinner one last time because they're moving back to Utah for the school year.  They asked what my favorite food was and I said Unagi.... and Their kids were all exclaiming how disgusting that is and sister crowton couldn't believe that I actually eat that.. so they asked what we would like for dinner and we replied surprise us... and They sure did... First barbequed eel that I've had on my mission!  Just kidding we ate at this ridiculously good all you can eat sushi place for 14.95 a month ago : P
But we sure were surprised!! Their kids only ate a bit, sister crowton ended up really liking it, my companion wouldn't touch it and Brother crowton served a mission in Korea it was like cheescake to him ; P

It's been a good week,  I finally wrote to a bunch of people today,  Including you and the girls and kenji, and Grandma and Grandpa, and Justin, and I forgot to write thank you to hanna K.  so could you do that? it was a lovely picture that she drew. I also wrote to the wests and the Evans, and some friends : ) I really miss you all.   


Elder Olguin

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