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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 18, 2013

Here is the email from this week.  Pretty short.  There are also some videos of Elder Olguin singing on Facebook under the Canada Winnipeg Mission 2012-2015 group.  And he also loves snail mail! Anyone leaving on a mission if you would like me to change your email address please let me know.  Also you can read his profile at and the blog that Auntie Elisa keeps updated at  (Sorry I haven't done a very good job updating the blog! <3 Elisa)

Elder Cuauhtemoc Olguin Jr.
Canada Winnipeg Mission845 Shaftesbury Blvd
Winnipeg, MB R3P 0M5

Dear Mom,
hahaha wow, kendall's gonna join us all out here soon, I'm so proud of him :)

This week has been incredible,   we have really been able to teach some really incredible lessons and 2 of our investigators came to church yesterday : )  The thing that impressed me the most was how the ward welcomed them.  Sister Moore is a tiny old lady who just recently got one of those motorized chairs, she came into sacrament meeting and bless her heart she took a good minute or so trying to maneouver the thing : P  But afterwards she talked to each of our investigators and she smiled and laughed and it was incredible watching her accept them so instantly,   She told them each that she looked forward to seeing them next week. 
Christine emailed me last week reminding me to keep running... i bet it didn't have anything to do with the fact that Kamila is a national champion!!!  But yeah, I need to start getting my cardio up... : P
So I forgot to tell you about my favorite family in the Ward.  Brother C served a mission in South Korea.  He is such a great man and he supported the missionaries so strongly, they have a son themselves who is serving a mission, so they have had us over for dinner 5 times since I've been in the ward : )  They are great and sister C after learning that unagi (Japanese for BBQ eel) is my favorite food went and barbequed some eel for me!!  They are fantastic, it's sad that tomorrow when we help him pack it will be the last time that we see him probably.  His kids and wife have already moved back to the states and he'll be joining them shortly.  
I love the people that I have met...

I miss you all so much,  I love you.  I am so humbled by the things that I miss about everyone..
Elder Olguin

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