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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 11, 2013

Here is the email for this week.  It's heartbreaking to hear that people forget to be NICE to each other.  Elder Olguin's email address is for those who want to email him.  He also loves receiving mail:

Elder Cuauhtemoc Olguin Jr.
Canada Winnipeg Mission
845 Shaftesbury Blvd
Winnipeg, MB R3P 0M5

This week has been quite the growing week...  It has been incredibly humbling and I've turned to a lot of prayer and Fasting this week...  I know that it's impossible to do missionary work without relying on the Lord.
 This week was filled with lots of rejection and a lot of dissapointment, but I know that the hard weeks only make the good weeks all the better.  I'm so grateful for the time that I have to be out here.  There's Hard weeks in a mission and then there's harder weeks.  

 It's been interesting, we live in the richest area of WInnipeg and we get fed pretty often and we have a car... and I still haven't gained as much as I'm sure everyone was expecting, ; P  IN my last area we went to sleep with sirens and gun shots every night, we called it our north end lullaby, we witnessed gang beatings and one of the zone leader's investigators got stabbed in the neck...  This area's a lot nicer, and the Blue bombers offensive coordinator even lives in our area!  We still covered a part of downtown until last week, which was nice, we were able to talk to so many people..    Today a guy wearing a clown nose jumped in frotn of our car and tried to wash our car.... We talked to another guy a while ago who said the crazy percentage in winnipeg fluctuates, usaully the winter kills them off he says and it goes to about 10% but in the summer about 50% of the people are crazy...

Yeah there's more religions in winnipeg than I could ever have imagined, including the super crazy ones... there's a religion known as the 12th tribe... they believe in sharing everyting...EVERYTHING.... from money and clothes.... to wives and such... They have this newsletter that goes out to the members and it has pics of all these different religious people including mormon missionaries with devil and evil faces... THen there's all these religions that quote this same poem over to us about how mormons believe that through strict obedience and other stuff we hope to prove worthy to become Gods... It's weird....
Winnipeg is a confusing city.... The streets are all "named" streets and they're not organized at all... there's no numbered avenues... there's no sub community names, like Arbour lake, ranchlands, silver springs, etc...
The streets are super narrow... the signs are small...  I'm finally used to it now.. but it was super confusing at the beginning... I am begginning to really love winnipeg though,  I miss the mountains a lot though... I've never seen such falt fields in my life...

I have begun to really feel the sincere desire to help the people in this area..  I have seen lives change as we've taught people the things that have changed my life.

THere's so many people who just want to tear you apart out here, and it all comes down to what my foundation is.  My foundation truly is m faith in Jesus Christ.  I don't believe in the Book of mormon because I believe in "mormonism"  I believe in the Book of Mormon because it has brought me to the Knowledge that Jesus Christ is My savior and Redeemer.  I believe in "Mormonism"  Because I believe in Jesus Christ.   I Am not a "Mormon misisonary"  I am a representative of Jesus Christ. 

Someone once asked me after they saw that my Name tag has Jesus Christ's name on it; "So what does Jesus have to say to me today"  and I replied "come follow me"   The invitation is open to all, and it is truly the invitation, I extend.  COme unto Christ.  

The new transfers arrived on thursday,  We have two new Missionaries in our ward,  and One of them is sister becca Crawford from Calgary alberta!  She's in the North Stake and I knew her!  She's great and I know that she will find success just because of how sincere she is and how she is herself.  We always get painted as a target behind our nametags but we are human, and when we approach people as humans who truly want to help people we find success rather than missionaries who are robotic and just looking to share a message that we have been taught.  WE ARE HUMAN and we are here to help people through teaching them a message that hasn't been taught to us but that we have learned for ourselves.   EAch of us missionaries has been blessed with different personalities, different talents, different tendencies, different habits, and different backgrounds for a REASON.  We have a responsibility to stay true to who we are.  Everyone says a mission will change you.  ANd it has and will, but I know more than ever who I am.  I'm still the person I was back at home, I just am applying myself in different ways now : P

I miss you all.   I love the pictures you have sent and I love hearing about everything going on.  I love you and Miss you all.


ELder Olguin

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