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Monday, December 16, 2013

December 2, 2013 Transfer Calls are Coming this Friday!

Thanks to those who have taken the time to write a quick note for Elder Olguin's birthday coming up next month.  

And he also mentioned he did NOT spend all his time last week emailing Sarah, he was emailing from a place joined to the University of Winnipeg and they closed an hour earlier than usual and he didn't even get a chance to email Sarah at all! (Sorry Sarah!)

Dear Family,
I'm going to start addressing you over email a bit more as I'm finding myself with less and less time and more and more exhausted! 
I really have been loving getting your letters and your pictures!
I heard that The girls sang in the Stake carol festival, that's fun : )  I love Christmas!!!  I don't think I've ever really been a festive person... but being out here has really made me appreciate all the wonderful opportunities to bring others together, especially family.   Not that we should need an excuse to be brought together but it's always nice to have things to look forward to.
I had my 3rd thanksgiving Dinner last week as we got invited over to an American Member's home, it was wonderful and I gained a good 5 pounds so it was successful.  I know Kamila probably thinks I'm really fat now... but I'm not... we still run and workout... and I eat pretty healthily so that's been good : ) 
This past week has been amazing... just over a week ago a member approached me at Church and she asked me to start teaching her 2 sons that have hit some tough times and are very receptive at this point of their lives.  1 of them has 4 sons and the other is just going through his machinist course, both of them are great guys and the one with 4 sons has a real desire to become better for his family.  He expresses a lot of remorse for mistakes he's made and people he's hurt... He is separated from his family at the moment.   When we first met with him we were amazed to hear about how he felt when he read the Book of Mormon with his mother.   He talked about how he was seeing answers to questions fly off the pages it seemed.  His mother had taught him a little bit about the Book of Mormon but the feelings that he received while reading them were undeniable he said.   We read Alma 32 with him and his brother and we talked about what faith is and ways that we can develop faith.  It was incredible, both of them would sincerely answer questions we asked and they would ask questions themselves and we were able to help them answer their own questions through reading the scriptures.  It was pretty incredible, one of the funny things that happened during the lesson was we had 1 of the brothers read Galatians 5:22-23 (this brother had a little bit of a harder time understanding bible/Book of mormon language)  and I could tell that he was alarmed after reading "longsuffering"  so after I asked him if all the feelings listed sounded good and he shook his head and said "not really"  I then explained to him that longsuffering didn't mean endless torture, but it means being patient through trials, we all had a good laugh about that!!
It was really amazing to see both of them at church : )  They both enjoyed it and they are excited to meet with us again this week : )
It was funny being on the bus to church yesterday... we caught the 170 in downtown and we immediately saw 3 members on the bus.. then 2 stops later 3 more got on the bus, by the time we got to church it seemed like half the bus was mormon!

Well I hope that you guys aren't expecting much more than a skype home for Christmas... and my Love(which is priceless ; P )  But yeah... I would love to send you all something but I can't afford much and it is very difficult to find the time to put something together for you... I'm sorry... I definitely will make it up to you all in 2 Christmases!  I really love you all.   Thanks Mom and Dad for everything.  I love you both and I feel your prayers from here <3
I love the twerps too <3 (Mini, kamila, THing 1 and thing 2... Kenji, and I can't remember the last one's name... )    <333

Elder Olguin : P

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