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Monday, December 16, 2013

November 3, 2013

This week was a short letter.  I think he has come to the point where he is more missionary than teenage boy! He said the coldest they have had so far is -10 and tell Sister Barfuss he hopes to see her this month when she visits!

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Dear Mom,
You may be wondering why I'm emailing so late today... well it's a fun story : P this morning at 6:40am we recieved a call from a senior couple asking if we could go to steinbach(about an hour south of Winnipeg) and help them move a bunch of stuff for the missionaries that will be moving in on thursday so we headed out at noon and we just barely got back to the city less than an hour ago, it was fun : )

You're probably wondering about transfer calls.... I'M STAYING IN WAVERLEY WITH ELDER LOTT!!! I'm very excited, Elder Lott and I have had such an amazing transfer and we will both be able to attend Allan's Baptism next week on the 5th! Another reason that I'm ecited to stay here is because I've really progressed in sign language, and I will be able to continue progressing here. Last night we had our
monthly Canada Winnipeg Mission Fireside, and It was titled; "Come Unto Christ and Be Saved". Brother Petty came but no interpreters!! I know I said I interpreted at the last fireside... but I'll be honest.. I didn't do the greatest Job... we spent most of the night talking about hockey.... ; P hahaha.. just kidding : P but last night.. was different... I felt so much more confident... and I was able to interpret so much more and I felt the Lord using me so much more powerfully this time. I love interpreting the Hymns, because it's poetry. So it means I have to really think and I have to portray the meaning as best I can (in ASL it's all about getting the meaning across, no need for unessacary words, just express the meaning and feeling and emotion as best as you can. I love it so very much.) I have come a long way.. I think back and I remember seeing a very skilled and experienced interpreter and I thought.. "I will never be able to do that...." But as Henry FOrd said "every Job can be made easy by breaking it up into lots of smaller jobs."(DEFINITELY PARAPRHASED) and it's true... Alam 37:6 : ) ("Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.")

Well this week I suppose the eventfulness was probably how we were able to teach a deaf man! It was a man that Elder Crake and I met playing soccer a few months ago, and we were able to get his number.
 But at the time I was terrible at ASL.. so I was terrible.. and yes.. I put him on the backburner... but this past week, ELder Lott and I decided to text him so we started texting him and he wanted to meet!
 WE had a wonderful meeting and I'm looking forward to continuing to teach him! He's 20 years old and from Africa, it was so great just being able to communicate with him, he smiled more than I've ever seen
 anyone in my life smile... it was fantastic : ) This week looks wonderful! the pettys invited us over for dinner tomorrow so we're excited for that! And we were invited over to a member's house on thursday for dinner : P I guess they don't wnat us knocking on doors that night or something ; P
Thank you so much for everything mom,  I'm so grateful for the things you've taught me throughout my life.  Even little things that I didn't even realize I noticed...
well I'm hitting 6 months this week... it sure doesn't feel like 6 months...  I seriously am amazed by how my paradigm has shifted.. I never would've thought that I would feel like I'm running out of time out here... but I already feel it.. I realize how little time this truly is that I have to give everything I have and Everything I am to others and most importantly GOd.  KNow that I love you all, and I'm Doing my best.

ELder Olguin

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