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Monday, December 16, 2013

November 18, 2013

I'm sending a birthday package to Elder Olguin at the beginning of December.  His birthday is in January but I'm not sure where he will be and it might take up to 6 weeks to arrive.  Please take a minute to write a note by replying to this email and I will include your message in the birthday package.  Thanks!

 Dear Mom

It was wonderful but strange to see sister barfuss Yesterday : ))
Wonderful because she was such a sstrong influence in my life and I love her, but strange because it feels like no time has passed at all : P  she TOld me about how amazing Carter is and how Ben is planning on serving a mission, it was all just amazing to hear.  I love you and I love everyone back home so much.  It was interesting having a piece of Home right there yesterday, but we had an appointment right afterwards that we rushed to so I plunged right back into the work : )
These past 6 and a half months have flown...
There's only 7  elders coming in the next transfer so president thomas said that this transfer will most likely be a very quiet transfer, but then again it will all be done under the direction of the Lord so we may end up having a very intricate transfer : P
I also picked up a bunch of thermals from the mission office as well as another incredibly warm jacket.  Thank you : )

Allan is doing amazing, the ward has been doing such a wonderful job of fellowshipping him and it's amazing to see. 

I pray for you all each night and I miss you all.
The missing the 2 buses story was one of the most incredible experiences I've had in my life.  And it truly helped Jessica. YOu're absolutely right, he knows us so much better than we can ever know ourselves... "Consider the lilies of the field".  Yes we will be skyping home on Christmas, I'm sure that I can skype you while you are at Grandma's, I'll let you know the details as we are told more : )
Yes!!!! Quade Emailed me! I'm so excited and proud of him!  He's going to love it here : )
Everyone is starting life... it is very interesting to see : )
I love hearing from Jacob every week, still writing the craziest things.  It's interesting looking back... it feels like all my friends when I was with them... I only saw an outline of who they are.. and now it feels like they are all really starting to fill in that outline... if that makes any sense... Pretty much... everyone is growing... even Jacob...  ; ))
Love you,
Elder Olguin : )

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