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Monday, December 16, 2013

November 4, 2013

Here's the email from the week of November 4, I'm really behind on sending these out!

I will be sending Cuauhti a birthday package at the beginning of December to make sure that it arrives by the beginning of January in time for his birthday.  If you would like to write a quick note for his birthday, just hit reply and I will print it out and add it to the package or if you have something more personal, please get it to me by December 1.  Thanks for all your support! Mika

Dear Mom,
I received the books last week! Thank you so much!   I can't believe I hit 6 months on friday.... I remember meetin a guy at the MTC who had been there for 6 weeks and I thought "I'm never gonna get there...."   But I blew past that and every week time seems to just go faster! 
Well Exciting news for this week : P   the assistants called us and told us to be at the church in 5 minutes cause they're taking our car.... we were in downtown and had lessons scheduled and it was just nuts! anyways, we are now bussing elders and I'm lovin it!!

 We're starting to need to layer especially with the bussing : P
That is so great that there was a family of 3 baptized into the ward : )  Elder Lott and I just recieved an email today that a family that we were teaching then moved to Brandon just set baptismal dates for December 7th!!  I can't believe that Allan will be baptized tomorrow!  He is so amazing and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to teach him : )
Hahaha that's great that you made costumes,  I dressed up as a missionary : P And that's good that kenji could be a shark : )
I love the 25th chapter(of 2 Nephi)!   I believe that verse 23 and 26 are a scripture mastery.  I love them.
Well another exciting thing that happened this past week was that I was assigned to interpret for sacrament meetin next sunday... because both of our interpreters will be out of town,... : P
hahaha I"m so excited/scared/nervous???  hahaha... I'll let you know how it goes : P
Well Allan's Baptism is tomorrow!  I'm so excited, I talked with him on the phone today, and he told me that he feels so ready.   it ahs been amazing teaching him... a man who is working on his PHD who had so many questions, who did not recognize the importance of the commiment he's making tomorrow a few months ago.. he's ready and he has come such a long way, I remember when he told us that he wanted to be baptized.  He has come such a long way. 
Some sad news is that he chinese couple we were teaching called us one day an told us that the were moving to ontario... oh well I guess Al can go find them and teach them now : P
but seriously the misisonaries who end up teaching them in ontario will be amazed by these wonderful people.
THis past week has been crazy, rying to figure out the buses has been fun : P we took the wrong bus the other day and ended up in the north end by accident and it took 2 hours to get home .. that was pretty scar-fun : P
I can't believe how old Izumi is getting.  I can't believe that she's almost7 months old...
I hope to get your letters soon : )
Daylight savings was great, geting a whole extra hour of sleep!
I love you.  I am still amazed by everything you've done for me mom.
Tell the girls I love them and I hope you wished Mini a Happy birthday for me.
Take care : )
Elder olguin

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