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Monday, December 16, 2013

October 6, 2013

Conference sure was wonderful.  I loved the Sunday morning as well.  Every single time Henry B. Eyring speaks I am amazed.  Last conference he gave the talk come unto him and it was such a powerful and emotional talk that let the spirit speak directly to my heart.  Yesterday he spoke with such fervent emotion that I was brought to tears.   I remember him talking about the grandmother who asked God why she had to watch her grandson throw his life away, and God responded;"because I knew that you would love him no matter what."  
The family home evening was incredible,  the family loved it!!  I had a bunch of different kinds of mail.  I had a letter that had stickers in it for the youngest, I had advertisements from A and W's which I gave to the oldest boy, I had a letter from manitoba public insurance which I told the kids was a speeding ticket for their dad, I had an email that was the calgary flames roster which I gave to the daughter, and I gave an ensign to the mother.   I explained each one, what each one was for,  and then i pulled out my scriptures explaining that the scriptures are really just mail from God and his prophets.  Then Elder Lott and I read out letters that we had written to our favorite prophets found in the scriptures in gratitude for the scriptures, mine was to the famous missionary, ammon, I explained that i haven't had any chances to cut peoples arms off on my mission yet but I'll let him know when I do, and that I was grateful for the example of a missionary he is to me,  then we invited the parents and the 3 children to write letters to their favorite prophets then we read them out,  then we gave the family an actual postcard from the 2 of us.  It was fantastic, the kids loved it, and the spirit was strong, and we taught simply what the scriptures are and the blessing that they are : ) Then they took us mini golfing and it was the best.
Elder Lott just came out of training, so he is not a greeny, he's hilarious, love the kid,  he's a huge goofball, full of energy and ready to work, so we've been working : )
 It's been so great hearing from Jacob, and al, and all my other brothers from home.  I've seen so much great growth in each of them.  I love them so much,  it's great to hear that you're emailing them every week : )  I have loved receiving Joyce simpson's letters,  every single testimony that I have been able to read through letters has been such a strength to me.
The Pettys are so wonderful,  I've realized that I've changed... I used to be a bit selfish in learning ASL, thinking that it's so great that I'm gaining this great skill, but as I've come to better understand the Pettys and other deaf people I've met I've come to have a true desire to better understand them.  I really love them so much, and it's such a blessing as I've come to understand them better and help them with that understanding.   It's so obvious but I guess I have a better UNDERSTANDING of the importance of understanding people in order to help them now.  So much of the world is missing out simple becuse of misunderstanding...
Llewellyn is doing wonderfully, the ward she was baptized into has such a strong youth group, in fact a bunch of them drove together as friends and attended the sunday sessions of conference, it's so great to see. 

Our week has been so incredible.. full of hard work and miracles.   On friday we had an amazing experience.   We had our weekly planning session as usaual and in it we decided that we want to talk to more people, so we decided to set a goal in order to measure our progress.  we set a base of at least 10 people, and this is having an actual converstaion with, not just a "hey how are you?"  so on friday evening, we go around the church building and talk to people and invite them in to take a tour of the building, well it's finally getting a bit chilly in the peg so there weren't too many people out but we managed to have 9 really good conversations, then we went inside to warm up a bit before heading out with the hopes of giving someone a church tour, as we walked out of the building there was a man walking across the parking lot about 30 feet away and walking away, the spirit told me to do something to which I did without hesitation.  I yelled; "HEY DO YOU WANT TO SEE THE INSIDE OF OUR BUILDING!?"   Incredibly he came toward us and we began talking and he excitedly told us that he would love to see the inside of the building!  It was a miracle, he asked so many questions and we gave him a 45 minute church tour answering all of his questions.  His favorite parts were the chapel, and learning about how we pray as we prayed with him at the end.  He is muslim and he is the friendliest man I've ever met, he was so grateful and told us he would love to meet again.  It was so incredible.   It's not about numbers, but it sure gave me a testimony of facing goals with faith.
E;lder Olguin

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