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Monday, December 16, 2013


Here's the email Elder Olguin sent me this week.  He's staying in the same area this transfer!  If anyone would like to email him directly he emails on Mondays and his address is

Elder Cuauhtemoc Olguin Jr
Canada Winnipeg Mission
845 Shaftesbury Blvd
Winnipeg, MB R3P 0M5

Dear Mom,

I wrote letters to you all 2 weeks ago... then after district meeting a missionary said that he could drop them off to be mailed... then yesterday... he handed them to me... I was a bit flabbergasted... but yes they will be arriving this week... 2 weeks late.. >_<.... oh well : P
I can't believe Izzy is 8 months old, I miss you all so much, I can't believe there's only 17 days until Christmas!!!
Well we received transfer Calls on Friday........
I WILL BE STAYING  In the waverley ward yet another transfer!! I will be serving with Elder Porter, he is from Mesa Arizona and I met him last night at the Christmas Devotional, He has been out for 3 months and he seems like a great guy so I'm excited to serve with him : )
Allan is doing amazing, we still meet with him every once in a while and he's really good friends with the new Elder's quorum president, so I expect to see him very integrated into the ward now : )
Yes I have heard from Llewellyn!!! She is doing amazing!!!  AND HER STEP-SISTER(SAME AGE) IS GOING TO BE BAPTIZED ON THE 11TH OF JANUARY!!!!! We have been keeping in touch and she is doing so much more amazing than I could ever have imagined
I do my best to stay in touch with past companions, Elder Kenney's the only one who replies consistently : )  Hahaha...  I've been on a tough road with companions...  I find it a lot easier to love people that I'm not around 24-7.. so I find that my companions become great friends after I get another companion and start missing them... Haha... I honestly love my companion... I think a misconception is that because I'm a misisonary it's easy to love everyone especially your companion... well... I do my best : P  I've just come to find that I'm kind of more like a one man wolf pack... ; P  I'm just kidding, Yeah Elder Lott and I have had great times : )  Well.. Elder Lott is from a small town in Utah called mendin... he plans on being a youtube star when he goes home... he really loves youtube... he came on his misison 10 days after he graduated... he loves singing.... all the time... all the time... I've been doing my best to help him actually teach in lessons and I've been helping him take the lead in the work cause he really needed that.  He has come a long way though, I'm proud of him : )
Yes our ward is pretty Small, And the STP (Same Ten People) principle applies everywhere it seems, our ward has such amazing people but it's those 10 people that do 90% of the work.. It's been amazing seeing the ward come together cause when burdens are shared the work truly moves forward : ))

 The mother of the 2 brothers we've been teaching has 5 boys.. and the youngest is 14 years old, he won't let her raise him so he is in foster care, the others, 19, 21, 23, have all been baptized but they are off away from the church, and it's the 2 eldest who haven't been baptized that have been humbled that are learning and progressing, and what an answer to their mother's prayers it has been. 
The ones that are learning right now are great.  They are the ones that have learned how to be self reliant, and yet they have seen the changes as they rely on God and search the Scriptures : )  In fact, we have a misison rule were we are not allowed out if it is below -40 so on Saturday after our lesson with them they invited us to stay for dinner and we also watched "the testaments" (a misionary movie) and they loved it so we watched mountain of the Lord with them as well.  It was such an amazing day, they were just soaking in all of it, it was amazing!! We had a wonderful day and they were practically leading the conversation with their own questions and insights.  it was wonderful : ) 

 I have forgotten so much about Calgary since I got here... 

Job's friends all found it pretty easy to judge, we all know right from wrong and the greatest gift that God gave us was the Gift of choice... we all have our own choices to make, you can't change anything.. all you can do is endure.. and pray... it's a mixture of Job and Alma... (Prophets in the Bible and Book of Mormon)
You know what's right and wrong... there's always a line between acceptance and tolerance...
That's great to hear about her birthday... haha... "Mustache Bash"... what a kimi party.... ; P
Wish I coulda been there : P
... so many people think they know best.. even among missionaries... people often think that we're trying to convert them to nothing more than a church... where as we are really inviting them to be converted to the Gospel of Christ.   It's something that I try to apply to my life day to day.. because if I didn't... I wouldn't be able to teach people how it can and will change their lives.

I love you : ) 
Can't wait for Christmas!!!!
Elder Olguin

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